Since 2005 we have completed high quality residential, commercial and governmental construction projects.

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Railings Are Our Passion

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Quality and Professional Service Guaranteed

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Production - Installation - Permitting

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About Us


Railings are our passion. Enthusiasm and love for what we do, have fueled a life time in railings construction and installation. Since 2005 Top Crafts is our State Licensed Contractor in Florida in charge of managing our projects, and is a DBA of Florida Railings. We have completed numerous high quality Residential, Commercial and Governmental construction projects.

Looking for new opportunities in the construction market, our company produces, paints and installs Railings. Additionally our Engineering team produces the Railing’s Shop drawings and takes care of the Building Permits. Our specialty is producing, installing and issuing permits for Railings.

With the best quality materials in the market, we are the only company in Florida that clients can do a project with only one entity. All in one package together: production, installation and permitting.  We never subcontract the job. We do the work with our own specialized team group from the beginning to the end.

Why Us

Quality and Professional Service Guaranteed

Professional Service

Our professional staff has the
knowledge to meet your railings needs.
We are manufactures and installers

Best in Florida

With more than 17 yeards of experience, we are the best railings provider throughout the State of Florida

High Quality

Our product is completely homemade in our own workshop with the best quality materials.

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Products & Services

We are manufacturers and Installers


Our product is completely handcrafted. In our own workshop we take care from the engineering design to the installation and permitting process, with the best quality materials. After producing the railings, we implement the most advanced painting technique procedure in the market:  powder coating process.
The coating is typically applied electrostatically and it is then cured under heat, to allow it to flow and create a layer. The powder is a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer that is usually used to create a durable finish that is stronger than traditional paintings. After this process our product is ready to be delivered to the job site to be installed.


Florida Railings accounts for every penny. Creating a tight-knit, cohesive work environment is the key of success completion of every project. The leadership team that starts a project commit themselves until they finish the project successfully providing customer satisfaction. Transitions occurs quickly from pre-construction to construction until turnover and warranty, ensuring quality products and services.
We continually review our quality and keep a constant communication with every customer to ensure that each and every project fulfills every customers expectations with a great quality control and service.

Louvers Panels
Modern Woven Fence


It is very important for our company Florida Railings the quality of our job and the relationship we establish with our partners. Our legacy is a result of every single thing that we perform and it is also a result of the performance of every member of our company.  Every Florida Railings employee takes our legacy to heart on our everyday performance. From the very beginning of our duty from the day that negotiations start with our customers, throughout the duration of our projects, through pre-construction phase, during all the construction process, until the closure of every project and post-project activities. And our commitment goes beyond completion of the job, we stay involved with our customers until the end of the warranty period.

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